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Judge: Mrs Jackie Kitchener


Ch Tameron Mr Red Edition Miss H L Howard


Photo Left to Right

BVIS & BVB:  SuperlionJezabel at Marbrux Mrs M A Brooks

BIS & DCC:  Ch Tameron Mr Red Edition Miss H L Howard

RBIS & RDCC: Ch Zamadar Majic Potion for Cedarhythe Mr H & Miss F Clifford

BCC & BOS: Ch. Zeeva Love Unlimitedfor Maili JW ShCM Jill Baldwin

BPIS & BPD: Keytor the Jazz Singer Miss S E Johnson


RBCC: Ch. Miracey Fruity Kisses Mr M & Mrs T Hitt

VD: Tameron Mr Givenchy Mrs B E Turner

PB: Shalehan Yarina to Mifcah Mrs M Flack



MPD (7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st:   Jacquinta Lets Go Andy Jackie Sullivan

2nd:  Quingshui Chaotic Dreamer Mrs K & Mr G Herring

3rd:   Shalehan Yarik for Mifcah Mrs M Flack

Res:  Isishouse Son & Heir Mrs S Phethean

VHC: Minfaa Boy George Mrs JJA Quick


PD (6 Entries) Abs: 3

1st:    Keytor the Jazz Singer Miss S E Johnson

2nd:   Jacquinta Lets Go Andy Jackie Sullivan

3rd:    Middletune Wildest Charmer Mrs F Yorke


JD (4 Entries)  Abs: 1

1st:    Zeeva Zhivago Mrs GM Gilkes

2nd:   Mifcah's Making Mischief Mrs M Flack

3rd:    Mifcah's I'm Still Standing for Morhenjo Mr J & Mrs M Henry


YD  (3 Entries)

1st:    Carlita Reason to Dream Mr & Mrs S & A and Mrs C. Jones

2nd:   Zeeva Zhivago Mrs GM Gilkes

3rd:    Miracey All You Need is Love for Tilbe JW Ms J M & Mr G Beer & Tilley


ND (5 Entries) Abs : 2

1st:    Keytor the Jazz Singer Miss S E Johnson

2nd:   Jacquinta Lets Go Andy Jackie Sullivan

3rd:    Senobles Happy S & S Noblett


PGD (11 Entries) Abs : 2

1st:    Gladmin Transkei Teddy JW Ms M. H. Carter & S. M. Leigh

2nd:   Laurmerand Ace of Spades P A Ritchie

3rd:    Shanjora Calisto Boy JW Mrs A M Billson

Res:  Niallsday For Your Eyes Only T Wareing

VHC: Shiawase Look at Me at Linoco Mrs L Collier


MLD (4 Entries) Abs : 2

1st:    Cremerfen Double Trigger Mrs J M Bradshaw & Mrs M. J. Symonds

2nd:   Honeyshuchon God of Thunder Mrs J and Miss S Scott


LD (7 Entries) Abs : 4

1st:    Carlita Surrender To Dream Mr & Mrs S & A and Mrs C. Jones

2nd:   Pekoe One Direction JW Mrs J Anderton

3rd:    Lyndatzu Shogun Mrs Lynda-Hey Cheshire


OD (10 Entries) Abs: 1

1st:    Ch Tameron Mr Red Edition Miss H L Howard

2nd:   Ch Zamadar Majic Potion for Cedarhythe Mr H & Miss F Clifford

3rd:    Ch Keytor All that Jazz Miss S Johnson

Res:   Weatsome Margarets Legacy for Quingshui JW SHCM Mrs K & Mr G Herring

VHC:  Ch. Cremefern Sweet Talkin Guy JW Sh CM Mrs J M Bradshaw & Mrs M. J. Symonds


VD: (2 Entries)

1st:    Tameron Mr Givenchy Mrs B E Turner

2nd:   Jimsamroblee Mr Muscles




MPB (11 Entries) Abs : 3

1st:     Shalehan Yarina to Mifcah Mrs M Flack

2nd:    Isishouse Princess Tiaa Mrs B Turner

3rd:     Honeyshuchun Star Maiden Mrs J & Miss S Scott

Res:    Cedarhythe on the Dark Side Mr H, Miss F & Mrs S Clifford/Peters

VHC:   Santosha Serendipity at Miracey Mr M & Mrs M&T Hitt


PB (5 Entries) ABS : 1

1st:     Tsantha Adornment  Mrs L Farnworth

2nd:    Middletune Wild Gypsy Mrs F Yorke

3rd:     Elzu Hopes and Dreams Ellen Roy


JB (6 Entries) ABS : 0

1st:     Shirkeira Leather N Lace Mrs S Keree-Bartolo

2nd:    Zeeva Zafirah Mrs GM Gilkes

3rd:     Tameron Miss Daisy Blush at Portiakiss Mr D & Mrs V Prestidge

Res:    Tameron Miss Nina at Mayofox Mr S J Bourne & Mr G Goodwin

VHC:   Peekin Miss Saffron-Tu Mr N & Mrs S Stevens


YB (6 Entries) ABS : 0

1st:     Shihdances Giovanna Calore Miss A Wollerton

2nd:    Shanjora Golden Sunset Mrs A M Billson

3rd:     Zeeva Zafirah Mrs GM Gilkes

Res:    Tameron Miss Daisy Blush at Portiakiss Mr D & Mrs V Prestidge

VHC:    Paliden Golden Future at Mayofox Mr S J Bourne


NB (7 Entries)

1st:     Shirkeira Leather N Lace Mrs S Keree-Bartolo

2nd:    Cremefern Lily the Pink Mrs J M Bradshaw & Mrs M. J. Symonds

3rd:     Tameron Miss Daisy Blush at Portiakiss Mr D & Mrs V Prestidge

Res:    Rossvale Pretty Amazing Mrs S Phethean

VHC:   Elzu Hopes and Dreams Ellen Roy


PGB (7 Entries)

1st:     Minfaa Dancin Cheek to Cheek at Middletune Mrs F Yorke

2nd:    Anyang Whispering Breeze P Ann Grana

3rd:     Gladmin Inala Ms M. H. Carter & S. M. Leigh

Res:    Shihdances Adriana Calore at Surianne Mr D & Mrs K Gettings

VHC:  Tameron Miss Be Delicious at Portiakiss Mr D & Mrs V Prestidge


MLB (2 Entries) ABS : 0

1st:     Wynnele Gold de Lux with Surianne Mr D & Mrs K Gettings

2nd:    Harropine Special Mirage for Fairlou J. E and R. D Jones


LB (8 Entries)

1st:     Ch. Zeeva Love Unlimited for Maili JW ShCM Jill Baldwin

2nd:    Ziams Mary Lou (Imp Swe) Mr T Paczkowski and Ms Y Cannon

3rd:     Lyndatzu Jai Mali Mrs Lynda-Hey Cheshire

Res:    Pekoe Surprise Surprise JW Mrs J Anderton

VHC:   Rossvale Secret Affair is Yunqishing  Ms J Ziiek


OB (5 Entries)

1st:     Ch. Miracey Fruity Kisses Mr M & Mrs M&T Hitt

2nd:    Zeeva Shadow Dancing with Meilijo Mr J Sommers

3rd:     Ch Miracey Disco Inferno Mr M & Mrs T Hitt & Ms K Roberts

Res:    Miracey Celebrity Dancer at Trandella JW SHCM Miss A J Thompson

VHC    Tameron Miss Dark Obsession Miss H L Howard


VB (1 Entries)

1st:      SuperlionJezabel at Marbrux Mrs M A Brooks

2017 Manchu Champ Show

2017 Manchu Champ Show

Manchu Champ-2017

Photo Courtesy of Marion Sweeney



My thanks to the Manchu Society for this lovely appointment, to exhibitors who gave me a lovely entry and my Stewards who kept everything running smoothly.  It did get very warm in the ring for the later bitch classes which affected some which was a shame.  Temperaments were superb.   I found it difficult to judge to a ‘type’ as it is so varied within the breed at present.  Some I liked in many ways did not move with sufficient reach or drive and I was surprised to find more than a few not showing full pads going away which for me is a ‘must have’ characteristic of this breed in action.  Mouths on the whole were pretty good and there were some really good front assemblies to be found in this entry.   My major concern was that toplines (withers to tail) are rising rather steeply on too many exhibits and I suspect this has been overlooked as the fault itself goes a long way into achieving the balance of the higher tail carriage required in outline,  while the actual tails themselves are often quite flat.  


MPD (7, 1 abs)

1Sullivan’s JACQUINTA LETS GO ANDY. Very promising  g/w, good head and expression, with width of jaw and pleasing mouth,  decent balance for his age with good spring of rib, layback of shoulder and topline.   Well set tail, carried well giving him a good outline stacked and on the move. Sound, confident mover showing good reach, drive and typical carriage.

2Herring’s QUNGSHUI CHAOTIC DREAMER.  Not putting on such a polished performance as 1 but a lot to like, loved his head  and preferred him in eye to 1.   Good front and well ribbed and has good substance in body and a level topline.  Balanced topline achieved by correct carriage of  head and tail.  Moved well showing full pads behind and nice attitude.



PD (6, 3)

1Johnson’s KEYTOR THE JAZZ SINGER.  Impressive r/w , only 9 ½ months but already showing  with attitude, reach and strong drive on the move. Very pleasing on the table, love his head, eye and expression, good mouth, well ribbed with a good front, clean neckline and well laid shoulders. Strong level topline, well made hindquarters and a very good tail with excellent lift all giving him an exemplary outline.   Shown in really good muscle and body condition, expect him to have an exciting future.   BPD & Best Puppy in Show





JD (4, 1)  Difficult class this one, with dogs from two ends of the weight scale and so very different in type, one just 12 months, the other very much more mature all through.

1Gilkes’ ZEEVA ZHIVAGO. Very attractive smaller type, appreciated his head properties, correct nose placement and beautiful expression,  good mouth and very good front and shoulder  balanced with correct hind angulation.    Nice level topline, well set tail and moving well up and back, holding his topline.  Just needs to develop in rib and fill out in body which I hope will come with maturity.

2 Flack’s MIFCAH’S MAKING MISCHIEF, solid gold and certainly thought he would be the winner on first impression.  Such an impressive commanding outline and on the table scored with superior substance over 1, due largely to his maturity and heavier build all through.    Pleasing in head and in glorious coat and condition, just tending to rise in topline,  flagging his tail on the move at times  and could not match 1 in front . Nonetheless I can appreciate he is of lovely type.



YD (3)

1Jones’ CARLITA REASON TO DREAM.  18 months and has quality, I really liked the head, eye and expression on this one,  very good mouth, tip tilted nose and excellent open nostrils.   Has good substance and everything is in balance, good front and clean flowing neckline, level topline and well set tail.    Shown in lovely coat and condition and moved well covering the ground freely with good carriage.    Suspect this one will be in contention for CC’s later in his career.




ND (5)






PGD (11, 2) Tough class to sort out but the first 3 all secured their placings on the move

1Carter & Leigh’s GLADMIN TRANSKEI TEDDY JW.   Nice masculine head with good dark eye and good nose placement,  decent front, well ribbed up,  firm body,  holds himself proudly with good attitude and has a solid level topline.  Showed good reach and drive on the move.

2Ritchie’s MAURMERAND ACE OF SPADES.  Lovely head & tail carriage on this one and really impressed in profile movement,   sturdily built with good ribbing and level topline. Well set tail and moving out well  although  not able to match 1 in forward reach.



MLD (4, 1)  Two nice exhibits here, very little to separate them,

1Bradshaw & Symonds’  CREMEFERN DOUBLE TRIGGER.  Very masculine in outlook and well within size parameters, he has good balance and I particularly admired his  wonderful level topline.   Pleasing in head with good broad jaw and correct bite. Very sturdy in body and clean neckline and has a well set tail which he carries well.   Free mover with good extension fore and aft.

2Scott’s HONEYSHUCHUN GOD OF THUNDER.   Quality dog, pleasing in head properties with good eye, mouth and nose placement.  Decent front assembly, clean neckline , firm topline and well muscled hindquarters. Carries himself with great attitude and pride.  A close decision.


LD (7)

1Jones’ CARLITA SURRENDER TO DREAM.  My first comment on this b/w is ‘Such an honest dog’.  Fits the standard closely, has great balance  and substance all through and looks at you as only a Shih Tzu male can from really dark eyes and with a superior but soft expression. Good mouth, front and well sprung ribcage carried well back,  well laid shoulder, nice arch to his neck and strong level topline.  Well set tail  which he carries with pride and good hind angulation . Comes alive on the move with good reach,drive and enthusiasm for the job.   CC quality I would say.

2Anderton’s PEKOE ONE DIRECTION JW.   G/w, attractive and a smaller package altogether , nice in head with good well shaped dark eye,  Carrying too much coat for me which spoilt his balance and I would like just a shade more neck to enhance the outline.    Sound typical mover.



OD (10)  A lovely quality class which on another day in different conditions may well have come out differently.  Splitting hairs between the first two and some high quality dogs left the ring cardless which never gives me pleasure.

1Howard’s CH TAMERON MR RED EDITION.  Not the most glamorous on first impression, but the more I looked at him the more I appreciated the depth of his quality.  Glorious masculine head, with lovely dark eyes and melting expression, really good mouth and bite, excellent front and clean well arched neck into well laid shoulders, deep well sprung ribcage and firm level topline. Could not get away from his superior expression on the stack,  but then impressed hugely on the move, displaying excellent forward reach, strong drive showing full pads behind and good carriage plus an outgoing happy personality in freestand.  CC & BEST IN SHOW.

2Clifford’s CH ZAMADAR MAJIC POTION FOR CEDARHYTHE. One I have done well before in Group competition, he is teeming with quality and in essence so many of the remarks on 1 equally apply, he is so beautifully balanced, a wonderful mover and a true showman.  His b/w markings really enhance his shape in both head and outline and he has attitude to burn in action. Two outstanding examples of the breed and for me they could not be topped by any of the ladies here today.  RCC & RESERVE BEST IN SHOW



VD (2)

1Turner’s TAMERON MR GIVENCHY.  At 10 years old this  gentleman still has a lovely balanced outline, firm body and decent front, he carries himself which great dignity and attitude and such a happy chap, clearly enjoying his day in the ring as much as any puppy.    Very nice in head and expression with excellent dark pigment and gorgeous dark eyes,  high set tail which he carries well and in excellent coat and body condition. Credit to his owner and breeder.

2Swift’s JIMSAMROBLEE MR MUSCLES.  8 year old, nicely made with good substance, well ribbed with decent front assembly  and exemplary firm level topline.   Pleasing in head, skull with dark eye and nice expression.   Moved out well.


MPB (11)  Such an enjoyable class of delightful babies, all turning on the charm as these oh so pretty young girls are so adept at doing.

1Flack’s SHALEHAN YARINA TO MIFCAH. BPB.   Eyecatching outline with good tail and head carriage,  lovely in head, eye and expression, good mouth and very good front.    Well sprung ribcage, flowing neckline and well laid shoulder, level topline and excellent teapot tail.   Well angulated fore and aft and knows how to pile on the style on the move.  Shows good forward reach and full pads behind,  not only does she have quality in spades she is beautifully marked and in lovely coat.  Best Puppy Bitch.

2Turner’s ISISHOUSE PRINCESS TIAA.  Not as forward in coat as 1 but has lots of quality all through.  Really lovely head, dark round eye and melting expression, good front and shoulder, level topline and high set tail which she carries well.  Excellent mover up and back and has great carriage and charisma.  



PB (5)

1Farnworth’s TSANTHA ADORNMENT.   Very pleasing on the table with such a pretty head, lovely dark expressive eye and good mouth.  Has substance in body, is well ribbed and a very good front, neckline and shoulder.   Level in topline and has a good teapot tail which gives her a typical outline.  Carries her head and tail with such elegance in profile and shows good reach and drive up and back.   Sadly seemed to loose interest in the BPB challenge, I think she was feeling the heat.

2Yorke’s MIDDLETUNE WILD GYPSY.   Unplaced in the competitive MP class but has  alot to like about her, well balanced  with a good front, level topline and well set tail which she carries well.    Pleasing in head with soft typical expression and moves out with confidence and drive, showing full pads.



JB (6)

1Keree Bartolo’s SHIRKEIRA LEATHER ‘N LACE.   Out of the top drawer, caught my eye on the first go round where her happy attitude and style shone out for all to see.   Very feminine and excels in head with a correct skull and muzzle,  good mouth, tip tilted nose, dark eye and good pigment. Firm well made body with good front and shoulder, good neck and balanced tail carriage give her a really balanced outline, topped with beautiful presentation and coat condition.  Won the class with a bit to spare and was in contention in the Challenge.

2Hutley’s ZEEVA ZAFIRAH.   Another quality bitch but at just 12 months nowhere near as finished in body or coat as 1.    Very beautiful in head and expression and another good mouth,  decent front and level topline,  good hindquarters which she uses well on the move and a nice high tail set and carriage giving her an elegant outline.



YB (5)

1Wollerton’s SHIHDANCES GIOVANNA CALORE.  A touch tall perhaps, but has such an attitude about her it is difficult to ignore her. Pleasing in head with good open nostrils and nose placement, clean neckline and decent front.   Firm level topline and good lift to her tail.   Moves well and looks the part

2Billson’s SHANJORA GOLDEN SUNSET.   A smaller package and certainly more my ideal for size than 1.   Lots to like on close examination,  has good body substance, well ribbedup,  a decent front and a feminine head with typical expression.  Not wanting to play the game at times, when she did get it together had good forward extension and drive behind, showing her pads, and good carriage.



NB (7)


2Bradshaw & Symonds’ CREMEFERN LILY THE PINK.  Very typy, feminine and of good balance. Lovely head with good mouth and expression, well made in front and well ribbed up with a good level topline and lift to her well set tail.   Has substance and moved soundly holding her shape, rather bemused by her own shadow at times but it didn’t put her off.



PGB (7)   Enjoyed this class, 1 & 2 very similar in type and so feminine, little to separate them.

1Yorke’s MINFAA DANCIN CHEEK TO CHEEK AT MIDDLETUNE .   High quality and of excellent type, most gorgeous head and eye with perfect tip tilted nose and lovely soft expression.  Well made in front with good ribbing carried well back,  well placed elbows and very solidly built with firm level topline and sufficient lift to her tail.  Strong muscular hindquarters and in good coat and condition.   Used her neck really well and showed excellent freedom and carriage on the final go round which gave her the class.

2Grana’s ANYANG WHISPERING BREEZE,  close up and many of the same remarks apply.   Certainly has a good deal to like, has femininity with substance, very pleasing  head properties and shown in excellent coat and body condition.   Good mover with reach and drive, showing full pads and happy attitude.

3Carter & Leigh’s GLADMIN INALA


MLB (2)

1Gettings’ WYNELE GOLD DE LUX WITH SURIANNE.  Solid gold with attractive shadings,  maybe not the most glamorous but surprises a little on the table with a very well laid out head, good width in jaw, nose placement and dark eye all giving a typical expression.  Strong well ribbed body, decent front and layback of shoulder, nicely placed elbows and well set tail.   Shows with enthusiasm, reach and good drive.

2Jones’ HARROPINE SPECIAL MIRAGE FOR FAIRLOU.  Pretty bitch of nice size, she has such a lovely attitude, full of personality and showing great interest in all that is going on around her.  In good coat and body condition.  Not moving well going away today, sure she will have better days.


LB (8).

1Baldwin’s ZEEVA LOVE UNLIMITED FOR MAILI JW.  A beautiful elegant bitch, gorgeous head, darkest of eyes and such an arrogant expression. Excellent mouth and nose placement with good wide nostrils,  she has a well arched neck into well laid shoulders and good front.  Solidly built she has a well developed chest and ribcage with firm level topline, good lift to her tail and strong muscular hindquarters.   In lovely coat and condition throughout.   Shows sound, ground covering movement, she uses herself so well in motion and followed my every move with twinkling eyes in stance,  showing personality and a happy demeanour.  Pleased to award her the Bitch CC – her fourth I understand.

2Paczkowski & Cannon’s ZIAMS MARY LOU.  This one looked to be my winner on the first go round.    Has a wonderful outline achieved by excellent head carriage and a high teapot tail, and really impresses on the move where she is exciting and elegant, sound with good forward reach and strong driving action behind.   For me she has everything required in head, movement and construction but still needs to develop and fill out in rib and body up. At just 2 years we sometimes forget this breed are still immature in many ways,  I am certain once this comes the CC’s will be coming her way.



OB (5)

1Hitt’s CH MIRACEY FRUITY KISSES.    What a high quality bitch this is, of lovely size and in super coat and condition. Has substance and femininity all wrapped up in a tightly knit package.    Lovely head,  excellent mouth and nose placement and a soft expression from her dark eye,  excellent front and ribbing, shoulder and topline.  Carries her head and tail well and certainly knows she is beautiful.   Sound mover with good reach, drive and elegance for much of the time, however I had a touch of déjà vu when she decided maybe she would, then maybe she wouldn’t, return to me in the Challenge.   I recall encountering exactly the same stubborn attitude from her father when I last judged and sadly both ended their days with a RCC.  

2Somers’ ZEEVA SHADOW DANCING WITH MEILIJO.  Full sister I see to my CC winner  and shares many of her qualities. Of lovely type and size, liked her head and expression, good front, shoulders, neck and firm level topline.    Tail set good with good lift , carried well in balance with her high head carriage.  



VB (1)

1Brooks’ SUPERLION JEZABEL AT MARBRUX,   9 ½ year shaded g/w in lovely coat, very nicely balanced and of ideal size.   Typical in head with a very knowing expression, solidly built with decent front, firm level topline and moves really well, covering the ground and showing good extension in front and rear, really driving out , she can show many a youngster how to do it..    

Best Veteran.


Jackie Kitchener (Judge)