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Please send a photo and details if your dog was awarded his/her title during 2017



CH Matsonic Chasing Storms to Bishbow JW


Bred by Gill Ace

Owned by Jackie Bowns


CC's Awarded by:

Paul Seier-/orenson (Driffield 2016)

Sandra Cooke (BUBA 2016)

Ken Sinclair (Scottish KC May 2017)

CH-Matsonic-Chasing-Storms-to-Bishbow-JW CH-Zeeva-Love-Unlimited-For-Maili-JW-ShCM



CH Zeeva Love Unlimited For Maili JW ShCM


Photo courtesy of Paul Broom


Bred by Mrs G M Gilkes

Owned  by Miss J Baldwin


CC's Awarded by:

Rita Morgan National Birmingham  2016

Liz Stannard Manchester 2017

Mrs Di Harding Shih Tzu Club Of South Wales and Western Counties 2017

CH Sistasu Silver lining JW ShCM


Bred by  Sue Bojanowski -Toms

Owned by,  Sue Bojanowski -Toms


CC's awarded by:

Julie Howells, South Wales Kennel Association  2016

Kirsty Todd, Bournemouth Canine Association 2017

Kelvin Chedzoy, British Utility Breeds Association  2017


Ch Weatsom Margarets Legacy for Quingshui JW ShCM


Bred by the Late Mrs M Stangland

Owned by Karen and Graham Herring


Bath Mr Mike Gadsby

Windsor Mrs Jenny Clifford

Paignton Ms Sue Johnson

Ch-Weatsom-Margarets-Legacy-for-Quingshui-JW-ShCM Ch-Rossvale-Secret-Obsession

Ch. Rossvale Secret Obsession


Bred by Mr & Mrs S Brown

Owned by Mr & Mrs S Brown


Mrs J Mcintyre, Border Union 2017

Mr E Engh, Welsh KC  2017

Mrs Y Rawley, SKC [Aug] 2017





CH Iseldar Mango from Santosha


Photo courtesy of Sue Thatcher


Bred by Soffia Kwaszenko & Johann Halldorsson

Owned by Susan & David Crossley


CC's Awarded by:

1.06.15  Yvonne Forbes – Border Union 2015

09.08.16  Brenda Roberts – Paignton 2016

26.08.17  Yvonne Rawley – Scottish KC 2017 [Aug]