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Minor Puppy Dog 6 [3]

1st - Mrs L Collier's Shiawase Look At Me At Linoco An attractive gold/white babe who was the most collected on the move in this class. Obviously, he has yet to settle completely but he has lots of time. His head is typical with good skull to muzzle balance and he has round, dark eyes, giving a pleasing expression. His overall construction is satisfactory and he already has some width of chest and a firm, level top-line. Coat shows promise.


2nd – Ms K Tod's Kengai Toy Story Another good-headed pup with dark eyes, wide muzzle and a typical expression. He held his shape and his level back at all times although he was rather unsettled on the move. His coat is a bit all over the place just now but time is on his side.

3rd – Ms A Wollerton's Shihdances Antonio Regale

Judge: Mr Ian Millar


BIS Mrs Glenys Dolphin's Ch Cloughlea One Step Beyond Dolha (IKC)

RBIS & BOS: Miss Sue Johnson's Ch Keytor All That Jazz

BVIS: Mrs Margaret Brooks' Ch Marbrux Kelli's High JW

BPIS: Mr Bob & Mrs Debbie Gracey's Debshore Fifty Shades Of Play

Puppy Dog 5

1st – Mr & Mrs M Hitt's Miracey Rebel Rider A very mature and glamorous g/w chap, beautifully put down and showing and moving like a good ‘un. At 11 months, he presented a fairly finished picture, so I hope he has done all his growing. He is very well constructed, has a wide chest, firm elbows, sufficient neck flowing in to decent shoulders, a level back, strong loin and nicely rounded thighs. His head has all the necessary qualities and is balanced and basically masculine although there was a touch too much sweetness in his expression for me. No denying his quality and many breed attributes, however and he has a rosy future. Best Puppy Dog


2nd – Mr & Mrs S Stevens' Peekin Archie-Tu Smaller r/w boy who was not so composed, was less together on the move and not in a co-operative mood. He is very typical nonetheless with a quality head showing width between the ears, a short muzzle, dark, round eyes and well-carried ears. Construction is fundamentally sound and he was in good puppy coat. Will do better with experience.

3rd – Mrs P Maule's Daltricia Noble Caesar


Res – Mr & Mrs J Quick's Harropine Knight Rider At Minfaa

VHC – Mrs N Mumford's Kazang D'Artagnan

I was delighted to be invited to judge at this friendly club after many years’ interest in the Shih Tzu, kindled initially by my early friendship with the late Jim Peat (Kareth). I looked forward to the appointment with a mixture of excitement and apprehension, the latter because the breed has always had its challenges. Almost since the beginning, there appears to have been a degree of diversity in type and, at various points, in size. Consequently, many judges, especially I suspect, non-breed judges, struggle to produce consistent line-ups. This was very much the case to-day. Several dogs which appealed for type had shortcomings which I did not consider I could overlook while others, which did not entirely accord with my personal interpretation of the Breed Standard, had no major issues and had to be placed. This resulted in a lack of uniformity which was frustrating.

There were many lovely dogs on show nevertheless and temperaments and presentation, in all but a couple of cases, were beyond all criticism. Mouths have always given rise to concerns and still do but in this entry, I had an encouraging number of wide underjaws with six tidily placed teeth. I found no pinched nostrils or bulging eyes. Movement, as in many breeds, could be improved upon and more than a few were close behind, while several sported hocks which caused the thoughts to drift towards cows. Under all that coat, there were one or two real 10- to- 2 fronts as well. A lot of dogs lacked muscle-tone, particularly behind, and while I am not suggesting that more exercise will right all failings in movement, it might be constructive to go for a decent walk or two.


Thank you all for bringing so many engaging dogs for me to enjoy.

BIS Champ 2015

Junior Dog 5

1st – Miss H Howard Tameron Mr Red Edition Not my winner on a first look round but he is very well-constructed, carries himself arrogantly and commands attention. Flowed round the ring with good reach at the front and holding his outline at all times, although it seems he is preoccupied with things of the flesh just now and took some handling. His head is all male with good proportions, dark eyes and a square muzzle, ensuring a typical expression. There is enough of him but not quite too much. Quality exhibit.


2nd – Mr S, Mrs A & Miss C Jones' Carlita Surrender To Dream Sturdy b/w with a good head, broad skull and correct dark eyes. Liked his expression and haughty demeanour. His construction is basically correct and on the move, he showed assurance and went reasonably well, holding his level topline. In good coat.

3rd – Mrs J Bradshaw & Mrs M Symonds' Cremefern Double Trigger


Res – Mrs F Yorke's Shirkeira High Spirits For Middletune


VHC – Miss C Dickson's Suzitzu Lord Benedict Of Shenleyvale

Junior Dog 5 [2]

1st – Mrs J Anderton's Pekoe One Direction JW A well-coated g/w in grand nick. He is a very promising young man who sports a very typical head with breadth to the skull, a clear stop, wide muzzle and correctly placed nose. The eyes are large and dark and the expression is most pleasing. He is well put together, holds his back straight and level, has firm, rounded thighs and a correctly set and carried tail. Should do well.

2nd – Mrs A Billson's Chanikos Lewis For Shanjora JW Strong-headed, robust dog, firm and balanced. His head is typical although he could be a fraction darker in eye, the skull to muzzle proportions are good, the ears well-carried. Overall construction is satisfactory and he moved purposefully, showing full pads.


3rd – Mrs J Scott's Santosha Ladykiller At Honeyshuchon

Novice Dog 2 1]

1st – Shirkeira High Spirits For Middletune 13 month g/w who was reserve in Junior. He is at something of an in-between stage just now but is a fundamentally balanced dog with a decent head-piece and typical expression stemming from correct eyes, a short muzzle and well-placed nose. Moved reasonably firmly retaining his shape and carrying his tail as required.


Post Graduate Dog 7

1st – Miss J Moore's Paliden Make Me A Star Via Jaxtzu Another deep gold/white in excellent coat. He has a good front, enough neck to carry his head proudly, level back ending in a well-set tail and strong quarters. His movement was clean and flowing. His head and expression are pleasing with correct nose placement, short square muzzle and dark eyes.Typical dog.


2nd – Mrs D Hassall Marpalyn Pure Gold An attractive little dog with an appealing, typical head and expression enhanced by good nose placement and round, dark eyes. He was a mite light in condition and a bit untidy moving away from me but his construction is basically correct and he displayed a breed typical outline.

3rd – Mrs G Dolphin's Dolha's Gingerbreadman


Res – Mrs J Rutter's Ethelsmead Life Of Riley

VHC – Mrs S Keree-Bartolo's Moti Tsin Fatinat Al Sjark (Imp)

Limit Dog 12 [2]

1st – Mr H & Miss F Clifford's Cedarhythe Develish Darlin A typical dog. My notes say “typical little dog” but I suspect that he is of an ideal height and weight and only looks small against some others. He is clearly male with a good broad skull, square, short muzzle, definite stop and correct nose. His front is good, the shoulders firm and the front legs well-boned. The rest of him is well put together and he holds a pleasing outline at all times, slightly longer than he is high, the tail carried as required and in line with his head. Moved with assurance in flowing coat. Reserve Dog CC


2nd – Miss J Moore's Shionah Apollo With Jaxtzu A r/w in good coat who displayed a lovely outline at all times. His front construction is good, with a wide chest let down between strong limbs and correct shoulder placement. The rear is strong and so he moved firmly. Has a satisfying male head although his eyes might be a fraction larger but his expression does not suffer.

3rd – Mrs P Ritchie's Ethelsmead Catch A Dream For Laurmerand


Res – Mr M & Mrs T Hitt's Miracey All Guns Blazin

VHC – Mrs B Turner's Cwmaur Dance With Givency ShCM

Minor Limit Dog 4

1st – Mrs C Carpenter Magracara Star Attraction Solid gold dog who is very balanced and who was shown in full coat, beautifully presented. He has a good front with decent shoulder placement, adequate neck, a level back, width of chest and rounded thighs, the tail carried correctly to top it all off. Has good head properties although his eye could be darker but this does not detract from a typical outlook.


2nd – Mrs P McCarrick's Shorestar Moulin Rouge Of Polmac A bigger, more robust chap who was also in excellent coat. Sports a firm rear-end and showed some drive behind, holding his outline going round. I liked his head which was balanced and with correct, slightly disdainful expression stemming from large, round eyes, short muzzle, correct nose placement and broad skull.

3rd – Mrs I Yeomans' Hongchue Gallant Hero ShCM


Res – Mrs J Zimmek's Mojito On The Rocks Is Yunqishing

Open Dog 8 [2]

1st - Miss S Johnson's Ch Keytor All That Jazz A very good r/w dog in full coat, presented to perfection. He has a lovely head with the required round, broad skull, short, flat muzzle, correct nose and deep, dark eyes. His front assembly is excellent, ensuring there is some reach in his front action, he has a firm, level back, rounded thighs, the feet are well-padded and his tail correctly set and carried. A high quality example of the breed. Dog CC, Reserve Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex


2nd - Ms A Spooner's Chanikos Thats The Dream JW Balanced dog in a smaller mould. He has a good head with all the essentials, dark eyes and a pleasing expression. His overall make and shape are correct, the chest wide, back level, loin strong and the legscarry ample bone. He moved steadily and carried himself with assurance in full coat. Typical dog whom I was happy to review for the RCC.


3rd - Mr H & Miss F Clifford’s Ch Zamadar Majic Potion For Cedarhythe


Res – Miss D McIntyre's Ch Shanitau's Mane Attraction

VHC – Mrs E Stephenson & Mr R Sanderson's Rosaril Status Quo

Veteran Dog 2

1st - Mr P & Mrs D Williams' Paliden Shining Star A r/w lad who at 9 is in hard nick. Carried a good coat and presented a typical outline both standing and moving. His head is attractive with a pleasing expression, round, dark eyes and harmonious proportions. He is built on correct lines and moved cleanly. Still a dog of quality.


2nd – Mrs B Turner’s Tameron Mr Givenchy This solid gold dog was not on form and could not get in to his stride at all. A pity, since he is typical and well-constructed, was in good coat and at over 8, retains many breed qualities.

Minor Puppy Bitch 10 [1]

1st – Miss S Johnson's Pekoe Jazzin It Up At Keytor A very pretty and balanced deep gold/white bitch, a daughter of the RBIS and with many of his qualities. She is sturdy for one so young but still feminine and shapely. Her front assembly is sound, the back level and she already shows some power at the rear. Her body proportions are correct with just a little more length than height and she carries herself well with her tail up and just touching. Her head is appealing with good balance between skull and muzzle, excellent nose placement and a typical expression. Grand puppy coat in good condition.

2nd – Mrs Y Cohen's Kengai Kismet A sweet r/w with a lovely head and expression, dark, round eyes and short , flat muzzle, all contributing to a pleasingoverall picture. Her outline is very good, given her sound construction and she has the promise of a good coat when mature.


3rd – Mrs P McCarrick's Shorestar Rapunzel Of Polmac


Res – Mr D & Mrs K Gettings' Wynele Gold De Lux With Surrianne


VHC - Mr H & Miss F Clifford's Cedarhythe Explosive Darlin


Puppy Bitch 10 [1]

1st - Mr R & Mrs D Gracey's Debshore Fifty Shades Of Play Lovely r/w girl with coat coming through nicely. She is well-made, sturdy and has a wide chest, good rib, a level back and firm loin. I found her head very attractive with a pert nose, dark eyes, sufficient width between the ears and a short, square muzzle. Needs to tighten a fraction all round, perhaps especially at the front where she could look a little wide if she slackened off. Typical, quality pup who took Best Puppy. Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy In Show


2nd – Mr M & Mrs T Hitt's Miracey Disco Inferno A very aristocratic, mature 11 months lady in immaculate coat and condition. She is very forward and well-grown with firm body development, rounded thighs, well-padded feet and a spirit-level topline. She holds her lovely shape at all times and has an attractive, distinctive head and expression. Makes an instant impression and will always command attention.

3rd – Mrs J Anderton's Pekoe Surprise Surprise


Res – Mr & Mrs S Stevens' Peekin Moon Lily-Tu

VHC – Mr D & Mrs K Gettings' Daltricia Tinia To Surianne.


3rd – Mrs P McCarrick's Shorestar Rapunzel Of Polmac


Res – Mr D & Mrs K Gettings' Wynele Gold De Lux With Surrianne


VHC - Mr H & Miss F Clifford's Cedarhythe Explosive Darlin


Junior Bitch 10 [3]

1st – Mr J Somers' Meilijo Some Like It Hot A solid red bitch who can look a touch small but is still sturdy and firm with ample bone for her size. I want to use the word “chunky” and yet she is not over-short and her body proportions are actually very good with a little less height than length. She has a good bitch head with dark eyes, broad skull, correct nose placement and balance between muzzle and skull. Moved efficiently showing her pads behind. In good coat.

2nd – Mr T Wareing & Ms K Roberts' Tameron Miss Desire At Katonier Another pretty bitch, this time in a b/w ensemble. She scores in head properties, especially her dark, lustrous eyes and slightly tip-tilted nose, so that she looks at you with typical hauteur. Her construction is good, her level back ending in a well-set “teapot handle” tail. She was in fine coat, well presented and she did just enough on the move to secure her placing.


3rd – Ms J Sullivan's Viola Hita's Almost An Angel At Jacquinta

Res – Mrs S Dunkley's Lyndatzu Jai'Mali At Kirstaman


VHC – Mr T Crossland's Rosaril Guilty Pleasure At Chaela



Yearling Bitch 4 [1]

1st – Mr & Mrs S Brown's Camelle Chocolate Mousse At Rossvale JW (Imp Fin) This solid gold bitch needs more time to come to her best. Not exactly my cup of tea on my first look round, I was won over by her good construction and breed honesty. She is quite strong in head, an impression due in part to her lack of full facial furnishings and is sturdy and quite substantial in body. She is so well put together, however and moved steadily. Will continue to improve and demonstrate her worth.

2nd - Lyndatzu Jai'Mali At Kirstaman A more instantly appealing bitch, glamorous and in full coat, beautifully presented. She has a typical, feminine head with good balance and proportions and although a slightly darker eye would improve her, her expression is still very satisfying. Her framework is sound and she holds her shape well, keeping her back level and firm. Went a touch close behind to-day, partly because she was quite enthusiastic.


3rd – Ms M Carter & Ms S Leigh's Gladmin Cape Of Storms




Novice Bitch 5

1st – Meilijo Some Like It Hot


2nd – Pekoe Surprise Surprise


3rd – Viola Hirta's Almost An Angel At Jacquintal


Res - Wynele Gold De Lux With Surianne


VHC - Mr M Porter & Mr J Steele's Paliden Showgirl At Miklojas




Post Grad Bitch 10 [2]

1st - Mr D & Mrs S Crossley's Santosha Sapphire The handler and I were ready to draw lots to strangle this madam! I loved her type and size, her typical outline and excellent coat. Her head pleased me immensely with its good balance, round skull, dark eyes and square muzzle, all ensuring that she looked at you in true Shih Tzu fashion. She is well constructed and I saw enough to satisfy myself that she went soundly although she played up for all she was worth and kept dropping her tail. I eventually decided to forgive her since the overall package was so much to my taste. I hope a recent season is the reason for her flighty behavior and that she settles to the job in hand soon.

2nd – Ms J Zimmek Rossvale Secret Affair Is Yunqishing JW Attractive bitch of honest type. She has a quality head with all the essentials, embellished by dark, expressive eyes. Her basic construction is good and on the move she was firm and collected. Not in full coat to-day but that’s bitches for you!


3rd – Ms P Griffiths & W Hayton's Shorestar Izzadora


Res - Mr & Mrs S Brown's Rossvale Secret Obsession


VHC - Mr P & Mrs H Shaw's Shorestar Red Sonia

Minor Limit Bitch 4

1st – Mrs P McCarick's Polmac Balthasar's Gift A good b/w bitch in excellent coat and condition. Her head is typical with dark eyes, correct proportions and good nose placement. Has quite a solid little body under her coat and possesses a decent front assembly and level back. Went a fraction close behind to-day but still impressed me.


2nd - Rossvale Secret Affair Is Yunqishing JW


3rd - Mr P & Mrs D Williams' Paliden Star Chaser


Res - Miss A Thompson's Miracey Celebrity Dancer At Trandella JW


Limit Bitch 7 [1]

1st – Mr H & Miss F Clifford's Taydale Dancin In The Stars With Cedarhythe (More “stars!”) A lovely elegant b/w bitch who presented a stylish outline without sacrificing substance. Her head satisfied me with its excellent balance between her broad, flat muzzle and round skull, the large, dark eyes and a neat nose, slightly tilted. She looked autocratic and swept round the ring with power and grace, her tail carriage spot-on. In excellent, gleaming coat. Reserve Bitch CC

2nd – Mr & Mrs S Stevens' Peekin Peek-A-Boo-Tu This bitch did enough and no more which was a shame since she has many typical attributes and could have capitalised on them with a little effort. Her overall proportions are good, the structural essentials are there and what she permitted me to see of her action was sound. She has a very attractive head with correct expression and her eyes are dark and round. In very good coat. Would like to see her in an outside ring.


3rd – Mrs M Brooks' Superlion Jezabel At Marbrux

Res – Mrs F Yorke's Minfaa Gypsey Queen At Middletune


VHC – Ms M Carter & Ms S Leigh's Gladmin Durban's Deelyte


Open Bitch 7 [1]

1st – Mrs G Dolphin's Ch Cloughlea One Step Beyond Dolha (IKC) This bitch surprised me. I had seen her in the ring about a year ago and she had not pressed many of my buttons. To-day, she was transformed in to a beautiful, mature Shih Tzu bitch, exquisitely presented with just the right amount of shining, pale cream coat. Her expression as I advanced to examine her on the table was one of complete self-possession and she graciously deigned to permit my attentions. Her head is lovely, all of a piece, completely in balance and with sufficient strength without compromising femininity. She is well constructed and moved easily and freely. I thought she was a top quality Shih Tzu. Bitch CC & Best In Show

2nd – Mrs M Dean's Chodeas Eastern Star JW (we have a positive galaxy now!!). An attractive g/w bitch who impressed with her lovely head and typical outline. She is dead level, has a correct front and well-made quarters and her tail-carriage is excellent. She was in splendid coat and moved with assurance and purpose. A very good bitch.


3rd – Mr D & Mrs S Crossley's Santosha Sweet Cherry

Res – Mrs J Rutter's Ch Chanikos Hopes And Dreams For Ethelsmead


VHC – Mr S, Mrs A & Miss C Jones' Miracey Star Dancer For Carlita



Veteran Bitch 2 [1]

1st – Mrs M Brooks’ Ch Marbrux Kelli’s High JW At over 10, this bitch still shouts quality. She is in firm condition, has a mouth full of white teeth and carries a lovely full coat. Her outline is very typical with wide chest, strong limbs, level back, rounded thighs and thick pads. Her head is most appealing with a pleasing expression and she was obviously enjoying herself. She took the Best Veteran rosette and I found myself looking at her more than once in the challenge line-up. Best Veteran In Show