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                       Poisonous if eaten


                       Alfalfa (in quantity), Aloe Vera, Amaryllis, Apple (seeds), Apricot (stone), Asparagus Fern, Autumn            

                       Crocus, Azalea,


                       Baby’s Breath, Bird of Paradise, Box,


                       Caladium, Calla Lily, Castor Bean, Ceriman, Cherry (seeds and wilting leaves), Christmas Rose,

                       Cineraria, Clematis, Cordatum, Corn Plant, Croton, Cuban Laurel, Cyclamen,


                       Daffodil, Devil’s Ivy, Dieffenbachia, Dracaena, Dragon Tree,


                       Elephants Ears, Emerald Fern,






                       Indian Rubber Plant, Ivy,




                       Lily of the Valley, Lillies,




                       Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Marijuana, Mistletoe, Morning Glory,


                       Narcissus, Nephytis, Nightshade,


                       Oleander, Onion,


                       Peach (wilting leaves and stone), Pencil Cactus, Plumosa Fern, Poinsettia, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak,

                       Pothos, Potato Plant, Primrose,




                       Swiss Cheese Plant,


                       Tomato Plant (Green fruit, stems and leaves),


                       Weeping Fig, Wisteria,






                       Poisonous if eaten


                       Chocolate (theobromine is culprit) this includes milk chocolate, dark chocolate, drinking chocolate,

                       cooking chocolate. The higher the cocoa solid content the less needed to cause poisoning,

                       so generally dark chocolate is worse than milk chocolate.


                       Walnuts and macadamia nuts.


                       Onions and garlic a whole onion is a poisonous quantity.


                       Turkey skin this causes severe pancreatitis.


                       Green or sprouting potato skins due to solanum alkaloids. Freshly prepared and cooked potatoes

                       are not poisonous.


                       Avocados skin, flesh, and stone.


                       Apricot – Stone.


                       Apple – Seeds.


                       Cherry – Stone.


                       Peach – Stone.


                       Grapes and raisins if eaten in a large quantity.


                       Fungi mushrooms that are poisonous to humans are also toxic to dogs.




                       Tea and Coffee containing caffeine.




                       Poisonous if eaten or otherwise inhaled


                       Antifreeze, Aspirin,


                       Bleach, Boric Acid, Brake Fluid,


                       Cleaning Fluids,


                       Deodorants, Deodorisers, Detergents, Disinfectants, Drain Cleaner, Dye,


                       Fungicides, Furniture Polish,


                       Hair colourings, Herbicides,






                       Laxatives, Lead,


                       Matches, Metal Polish, Moth Balls,




                       Nail Varnish and Remover,


                       Paint and Remover, Perming solutions, Phenol,


                       Rat poison, Rubbing Alcohol,


                       Shoe Polish, Sleeping Pills, Soap, Suntan lotions,


                       Tar, Tinsel, Turpentine,


                       Wood stains.


Also please note that nicotine patches are toxic and so is nicotine chewing gum. 10mg per 1kg is a toxic dose.

Also £2 coins and 2 euro coins are toxic due to the nickel content.

Always contact Veterinary Surgery if your dog's eaten human medication of any kind or any animal’s medication.





                       Contact your Veterinary Surgery for immediate advice.


                        Making the dog vomit is sometimes the best thing to do but not in all cases.


                       Take your dog to your Veterinary Surgery and also take the poisonous substance/container.


                       They will need specific details from the labelling to determine the course of action needed.


                       It is also helpful to know the quantity consumed.


                       Don't wait & see how the animal is, always act immediately even if the dogshows no symptoms.



Poisonous to Shih Tzus